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Tapanda cleaning offers a complete cleaning service whether it be post construction cleaning, general cleaning, dry wet or anything cleaning related you are at the right place, we service the greater Montreal area and its surroundings, we service commercial as well as residential, offices,buildings, condos, studios, houses and more. We also offer basement cleaning and garage cleaning services for your home.I

Post Construction Cleaning
Tapanda offers a complete and safe post construction cleanup services. Brick or dry wall dust can harm your home if not cleansed properly, and some construction debris can be dangerous to your health.
Tapanda are experts at post construction cleaning. Our post construction cleaning expertise will assist you get your home back in order so you can appreciate its new look.
It’s vital to consider if you need a post construction cleaning yourself, or contact a professional. Though most facets of cleaning after a remodeling or construction project are similar to regular cleaning, the work needed for this job is more rigorous, and might require professional, You can rent many of the construction cleaning tools from your local store, but it will be costly and time intensive, this is why it is better to call an expert cleaning company.

Pressure or Power washing
Power washing or pressure washing can restore the exterior beauty of your house. You might not even grasp how much dirt and debris have built around your patio or house walls, or walkways. With our experts can do this job with great efficacy, and your home will begin to look like brand new instantly. We can power wash a wide range of exterior areas in and around your house, providing a beautiful appearance to your home.
Power or Pressure washing is more than keep you’re the exterior of your house beautiful. It can prolong the lifetime of your exterior by removing insects, weeds, grease , sediment, dust and other damaging build-up.

Tapanda offers professional and expert interior and exterior home painting services in Laval, Montreal and surrounding creas. We take great pleasure in our excellence in painting and high customers rating and reviews. Tapanda offers a wide range of custom exterior and interior painting services for homes and businesses, allowing smooth experience and extraordinary results. Tapanda Painters approaches every single painting venture with details and accuracy to your complete satisfaction.

Epoxy Flooring
When it comes to selecting new flooring product for industrial usage, coating the garage floor or any other outdoor exteriors, epoxy flooring by far truly stands out from any other flooring products for variety of reasons. Epoxy flooring is highly sturdy, sustainable, and decorative for any type of surface. What attracts most to epoxy flooring is the fact that it is very resistance to wear and tear, making it a great long-lasting flooring choice. If you are thinking about epoxy flooring, then contact tapanda and one of our experts will be more than happy to discuss your epoxy flooring project.

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tapanda cleaning

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