May 26, 2022

Post Construction Cleaning

Post Construction Cleaning Montreal

post construction cleanup


We offer the best Post Construction Cleaning Services in Montreal

Tapanda Cleaning post construction cleaning Montreal. Home renovations are great but before you get to enjoy the modernization and improvements to your house or dwelling you have to dispose of the mess and the dust that was left behind,fortunately for you tapanda got you covered ,or maybe you posses a new construction dwelling and want  to be up to par and sparkling clean to present it to potential buyers or renters, make a great impression with our post construction cleaning services. we service commercial as well as residential, offices, buildings, condominiums, studios, houses and much more.

Let our experts help you get rid of the dust, debris and dirt caused by your construction and or renovation project, anywhere in the Montreal and surrounding areas, we are all set to make your life easier.

Be it a commercial or residential project, construction and renovation works are almost always stressful and unpleasant. Tapanda Cleaning offers proficient post construction or renovation cleaning to help.

Our job is to always be prepared when you are ready! We adjust to your program and will get the job done completely and to your satisfaction.

Our after-construction cleaning services experts follow a comprehensive post-construction cleaning program, we use the best products and tools to deliver a quality cleaning to our clients all around Montreal.


What does a Post Construction Cleaning work include?

here is list of some of the jobs we perform during the post-construction cleaning process:

  • Clean dividers to expel dust and scrapes
  • Dust roofs
  • Clean every trim, baseboard, windows, and door
  • Dust all handrails and woodwork
  • Clean the sides and highest points
  • Wash brickwork and tiles
  • Vacuum corners and edges
  • Clean floors
  • Clean windows
  • Clean appliances
  • Clean storage rooms and cupboards
  • Clean under drawers
  • Dust and wipe blinds and screens

Another important thing that makes us distinctive from other cleaning services is our commitment and devotion to our clients. We value your apprehensions and demands, and it is the reason why we will deliver you a top-notch level of cleaning services work.


Why use Tapanda for your Post Renovation and Construction Cleanup

The reason that makes Tapanda cleaning distinctive from others is the quality of our standards. We make sure our post-construction is eco-friendly and sanitized So that you can live comfortably without having any type of anxiety of getting affected by any ailment or bacterial infection. For long-term and maintainable cleaning services, we at tapanda cleaning will make sure to get the finest post construction cleaning services in town.


Commercial Post Construction Cleaning

We also offer a complete post commercial construction or renovation services. We have an knowledgeable and experienced staff that knows how to make your commercial property spotless and mess free.

Our expert cleaners will wipe out the dirt and dust from your commercial construction using the cleaning products that are fully certified and verified. Our expert cleaners use eco-friendly cleaning commodities that help to keep the long-lasting and sustainable working environment. Contract us today to start your post construction cleaning project.